Jarno Varsted\nDødedansen\n(Music Video)

Jarno Varsted - Dødedansen

On May 22nd. the hottest day of 2014, folk/blues musician Jarno Varsted and his friend and producer Peter Harton packed the van with musical instruments, battery driven recording equipment and garden furniture. They left Berlin and headed nowhere with just 24 hours to record an album.

After driving through woods, farming land and eerie small villages along the German/Polish border they entered the village of Premsdorf and instantly had the feeling that this was the place. After a few wasted attempts ringing door bells and knocking on barn doors, the local tractor mechanic guided them towards a local character who went by the name of Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom turned out just as pleasant and kind as the name would suggest, and he showed Peter and Jarno to a little piece of land that he thought would fit the purpose of their trip. So with an advice to look out for hunters he left them to their business.

Till the burning sun went down and till it came up again the two would work on the recordings before returning tired, happy and mosquito bitten to the comfort of the big city the next day.

The Things You Know So Well is an album they had both been dreaming of doing. They decided to contact their dream producer for the mixing of the record. Bruce Watson (R.L Burnside, Junior Kimbrough and many more) who is a hard man to get on board quickly responded that he was willing to take on the task.

This video was shot by Peter on his Leicina Super 8 camera during the recording of Dødedansen.